So what’s on the cards for our running future in India?

So what’s on the cards for our running future in India?

There was a very interesting, well-written article in my paper this morning, about the state of running and, more specifically, the immediate future outlook for racing in India, in these Covid-19 times.

Here’s the link. Well worth reading.

Inevitably, the article made for depressing reading for an amateur runner like me, with the implication that our winter racing calendar might be empty.

The first “big” event of the winter season, the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is only 2 months away, which was a bit of a shock.

I mean, actually, it shouldn’t have been a shock because I know the event takes place around that time, but I guess we have all been in such limbo for so many months, that time doesn’t seem “real” anymore…I’m not sure I’m expressing myself very clearly, but I hope you get my drift.

It was a combo reaction of “WHAT??? This means I have only got 2 months to train” as well as “WHAT??? There is NO way we can race in 2 months.”

According to the article, the race on October 18th is still officially on, subject to government approval & a host of other conditions, such as staggered timings and a smaller field size.

Let’s see.

I’m not optimistic that it will happen, but as I said, let’s see.

But, much more importantly than my personal race concerns, is the sad plight of runners who rely on their prize money to survive. How scary and how demoralising it must be, with no income and the prospect of no races in the foreseeable future. How can you keep going, keep training in such circumstances?

Such a sad state of affairs.

Wretched, horrid virus.

And, on a purely selfish note – I need to get back to some serious running, IF IF IF October 18th happens.

Ever since I tore my meniscus last November, I have seen my running take a major nose-dive (mixed metaphor, I know). The way things stand right now, there is NO way on God’s earth that I am capable of racing. In 2 months. Yikes.

OK, Christine.

Less blogging!!

More running!!

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