Run.  Become a Supreme Court Justice.  Continue running

Run. Become a Supreme Court Justice. Continue running

The blog title is a spoiler alert, I suppose, for what is such a great story.

This weekend Jill Karofsky, a US ultra runner and lawyer, interrupted her 100 mile run at 35 miles, to be sworn in as a Supreme Court justice in Wisconsin.

And then off she ran, to do a further 65 miles.

Now HOW super cool is that?

AND she was sworn in by another (female) runner & Supreme Court justice, who joined her for some of the run.

I like the way Justice Karofsky thinks:

“I think you learn a lot about yourself when you put yourself in situations that are challenging and difficult and you have to solve problems under circumstances that are hard,” she said in an interview. “Being a good lawyer, running ultramarathons, being in a campaign — all of those come down to how you solve problems. And if a problem comes up you can either freak out or you can say, ‘OK, I’ve got a blister; I’ve got to handle it.’ 

And finally, please don’t miss the puppy 🙂 🙂

Here’s a link to the full, fab story.


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