How was your July mileage?

How was your July mileage?


For someone supposedly building up strength after an injury, my monthly mileage for July isn’t all that impressive.

204.71 km.

Lower than June.

So, what do I have to say for myself?!

Well, I did take a couple of days off in the last week of the month, on the advice of the brilliant folk at decodednc. Jeevan suggested I should work other muscles, rather than those used in running & walking, so I suppose a few days with no walking & running count against my monthly tally.

I know it’s not just the mileage numbers that count, but I am trying to build back strength and the ability to be on my feet for ever-increasing amounts of time.

So I shall try & run longer this month: perhaps less often but longer. Though long runs are not an easy thing in the very unpleasant weather here at the moment – very hot & very humid – because if you’re not out of the door by 5.30 latest, you’ll never get 2/3 hours in without dying in the heat.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – excuses, I know.

Anyway, onwards & upwards for August 🙂

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