What did you see on your run today? #435 comes from Shanghai

My young Shanghai-based friend Melissa messaged me this morning, to say she’d gone out for her first run in a while. It’s been raining a lot there for the last month, apparently.

But today she headed out.

What Melissa saw (& liked!) was a little courtyard that had been under renovation back in the spring, & has now opened. It’s a dog-friendly space (always a good thing!) and was hosting an open-air market this morning.

The stalls look socially distanced…

Melissa said that the government is actively encouraging people to set up outdoor markets, to boost the economy, amidst this pandemic.

Makes sense. And safer than going into malls, too.

Interesting that people don’t seem to be wearing masks here
Clearly dog-friendly 🙂
And I think I can see one mask

God to know that life is gradually getting back to normal, but it is still not the hustle & bustle I remember from my visits to Shanghai.

Thanks Melissa & #keeprunning #keepinspiring

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