What did you see on your run today? #434 stars a “sindoori” Himalayan sky

As if yesterday’s envy-inducing Himalayan guest post from my friend Bala Shukla weren’t enough…he now shares stunning photos from Almora of his latest run, complete with THE most fabulous sunset.

Like so:

And culminating in the amazing “sindoori” sky, below.

How gorgeous.

There is such beauty in the mountains…said with more than a tinge of regret, since I should’ve been in the Himalayas myself right now, if 2020 hadn’t gone totally pear-shaped…

Oh, yes, here’s Bala’s track log, clearly showing his up & down & up & down in the parking lot 😛

Home quarantine, that’s what it is.

Thanks, my friend.

Enjoy that clean mountain air and those amazing views on behalf of all of us stuck in the Big Smoke.

Oh yes, for non-Hindi speakers – “sindoor’ is the red powder Hindu women in India traditionally apply in their hair, usually in the parting, to indicate their married status.

So “sindoori”, the adjective, means vermillion – which aptly describes the stunning monsoon sunset Bala shared.

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