What did you see on your run today? #433 is ADORABLE

Regular readers of this blog, and Delhi running friends, will know of the lovely Katha & her British husband Dave.

They met through running, when Dave was posted here in Delhi.

They now live in England, and are both regular contributors to this blog.

Earlier this week I shared a guest post from Katha, which was then promptly followed up by one from Dave yesterday, and now Katha, bless her, shares with us here a lovely account of her last run of the holiday in the Lake District.

Gotta love “couple competitivity”, both on and off the running track 🙂

This post is such fun, since it combines running and English literature, which is a shared bond between Katha and yours truly, since we both read English at university, Katha here in Delhi and me in England. And Katha was responsible for me staring to run, & it was after one of our post-breakfast runs that she met Dave, so yes, all in all, it’s all nicely inter-connected 🙂

Enjoy this lovely post!

So our week long holiday in the Lakes drew to an end today. Apart from climbing fells, continuing my daily running, cycling and even doing an open water swim this afternoon, the trip also involved a bit of cultural education. I got initiated into the world of Peter Rabbit with the Complete Collection of the Original Tales, a gift from my British husband.

We had grown up reading Enid Blyton in India, but I had never heard of Beatrix Potter. So when we moved here, and during my first visit to the Lakes, I was rather curious about all the Peter Rabbit paraphernalia that every town in the Lake District stocks. So naturally, I read up about her and even watched a biographical movie and found out the reason behind her local hero status. But until now I didn’t own, nor had read any of her books.

Sorry, but this prologue was necessary to make sense of the rest of the blog.

Yesterday afternoon, for my final holiday run, while stood at the 3 way junction at the top of a hill, I decided to turn right and explore the Lingholm Estate. It’s just over a mile from our BnB and we were intrigued by the signs (holiday cottages, kitchen and alpaca tours) during our runs, walks and drives these few days. But we simply couldn’t it manage time-wise to have a meal there.
The route is very scenic, hilly, but still enjoyable to run. Lots of dog walkers and hikers around too. I was quite impressed by the Estate itself. It no doubt offered some of the best views of Derwent Water and the surrounding peaks, including Skiddaw. The cafe had the most delicious looking cakes, sandwiches and ice creams! How I wished then that we could have made some time to grab lunch there.
I looked around and saw giant Peter Rabbit and Squirrel Nutkin sculptures and then saw an interesting walled garden area. It was a lovely and thriving kitchen garden, complete with a small green house. I walked in and lo and behold, it had Beatrix Potter written all over it—literally!
Turns out Beatrix Potter spent several summers in the Estate and got inspiration for several of her books whilst she lived there! The Estate and the surrounding area (including Newlands Valley, the tiny hamlet where we stayed 4 nights!) are in fact, setting for a few of her tales. Well, who would have thought, eh?!

After spending a good half an hour exploring, I took a different route back to the BnB. It was through a woodland and even though I had to make a dash as we were due to go out in the evening, it was simply exhilarating.

Here’s a link to the Estate’s website: https://thelingholmestate.co.uk/the-estate/beatrix-potter-at-lingholm/
The draft of the blog I keyed in last night ended here. But there’s more…

(Editor’s note: NOW you’re going to see why I love Katha…read on!)

After we checked out from the BnB this morning, we headed straight to Rydal Water for our first open water swim of the season. When we got back to our car, we got a call from our landlady. Turns out, we had accidentally left behind a few things in the room. So we drove back up to collect them. And this time, we had a chance and an excuse to spend time in the Lingholm Estate cafe.
Dave hadn’t of course explored the place and was most impresssed, not just with the outstanding beauty but also with the superlative food.

He is a planner, while I am quite the opposite and we often laugh about our different ways and approaches to things. He had booked every pub and restaurant (after a thorough comparison of reviews) during our stay, well in advance. And good job he did because, with social distancing measures, restaurants are operating at a much lower capacity. I had given a thumbs up to every meal. So it was a bit of a triumph for me when Dave said that it was the nicest lunch he had and in the loveliest of locations and gave me a thumbs up—a fitting way to end our holiday. Well, how’s that for an impromptu activity, eh?

(Editor’s note 2: This next bit is SO cute 🙂 )

Dave wrote in his holiday running blog, ‘Sometimes you never know where running takes you, or takes you back to, or for what reason.’

Well, just as true for life. Isnt it? Though, I do have my own adage for this blog…
A lot of good things happen because of a good plan, but some of the best things happen by chance.
And as I type this I am taken back to some of my favourite memories, including meeting Dave for the first time over breakfast. It was ‘arranged’ by a running friend. But as Dave would admit, I am the most unplanned ‘thing’ that happened in his life and he, mine.

I tell ya!

Running is THE best, right? These 2 met through running, continue running together, and get to explore new places, all thanks to running 🙂



And especially for you two – #keepblogging!


    1. Suparna Deb thank you! I was really transported back to breakfast at Jo’s. All those eyes staring at Dave & me in anticipation and me tongue tied—for a little while anyway!

      Kathakoli Dasgupta

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