What did you see on your run today? #431 stars THE most beautiful rainbow

Is there actually anything nicer than a running couple?

I think not.

Imagine a world where your partner understands your running, empathises, encourages…sigh…where there is no moaning about you heading out to run…sigh again…

Which is one of the reasons why I love the running husband-and-wife duo of Kathakoli, a regular contributor here, and husband Dave.

They are on their first post-Covid holiday, in Britain’s Lake District and Katha has already shared a run report with us – here you go, the link to her post of a couple of days ago.

Dave has just sent me some photos and a write up of his run – such fun!

“Sometimes you never know where running takes you, or takes you back to, or for what reason.

We’d planned to come to England’s Lake District in May for swimming, cycling and running training, ahead of the triathlon race season. All that was brought to a halt but, now that we can travel again, we came up anyway several months late just for a holiday.

Approaching our farm stay over a hill, I immediately recognised the place from a hilly half marathon race two years back – one where I really struggled with the heat like never before on a run.

The weather in the Lakes is notoriously changeable, as these photos from recreating part of the race route over a couple of days show.

Races may not be on, but the exhilaration from effort placed in running up and down hills remains.

Thanks SO much, Dave – and those opening words of yours are so accurate.

Sometimes you never know where running takes you, or takes you back to, or for what reason

Here’s some idea of the hilliness involved in Dave’s run:

But oh my goodness…the view from the top of the hill. Just TOO fabulous 🙂

Wow, Dave, the light here is stunning – gorgeous lime green in the foreground and a dark, threatening sky on the horizon. And a rainbow!

Thanks so much my friend and #keeprunning #keepinspiring


  1. But Kathakoli Dasgupta – competition is normal in life of athletes, isn’t it – without a run for the goal, there is little meaning in a run…and what best if your partner can throw out that challenge to you! BTW I love Dave’s opening lines in the blog… storing it in my memory and the rainbow photograph it sooo paintbrush perfect and inspiring

    Madhubanti Niyogi

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