What did you see on your run today? #430 stars urban wildlife

Every time my London-based friend Alison shares photos from her runs in Richmond Park, I get a twinge of envy, because having run there once when I was staying with her, it was such a treat.

Running in the park, that is.

Though staying with her was also a treat. Obviously 🙂

But Richmond Park – wow! Huge open spaces, amazing views, amazing herds of deer wandering around. Loos. Café.

But strictly from an urban wildlife perspective, I know I shouldn’t crib, since I’m lucky enough to have a small Biodiversity Park here on my Delhi doorstep, and I regularly see jackals, and sometimes nilgai…so yes, I really shouldn’t feel envious, but when you see a beauty such as this fellow…

Fabulous, right?

The birdlife in this south London park is pretty amazing, too:

Thanks, as ever, Alison & please keep on sharing your local wildlife with us.

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