What’s on my running playlist? Memories by Maroon 5

What’s on my running playlist? Memories by Maroon 5

It night seem an odd time to start tweaking my running playlist – seeing as how there are NO races on the calendar for the foreseeable future – but I am still doing it.

Tweaking, that is.

Not racing.

For years I only listened to music while running. Then on the advice of both my wonderful children, I started listening to podcasts instead.

All good fun.

And very informative – improving health & brain at the same time 🙂

But, to be honest, as this awful Coronavirus pandemic drags on and on and on, there are mornings when I just can’t face starting my day with more grim statistics, courtesy of the Beeb.

So I’m starting to listen to music again.

Which is why I’m tweaking my playlists, and adding new music.

Such as the brilliant song “Memories” by Maroon 5.

I love this song, & it seems very appropriate for these stressful times, because so many of us are living with memories…

Memories of people we can’t meet (like my aforementioned wonderful children).

Memories of places we have travelled to, but can’t re-visit.

And yes, memories of running with friends, and running races.

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