Will it be 3rd time lucky for the Paris Marathon?

Will it be 3rd time lucky for the Paris Marathon?

So the Paris Marathon has been rescheduled for a second time.

The race, originally planned for April, was postponed until October, but the organisers have now announced a new date of 15 November.

It will be a totally different running experience, for so many reasons – not least the weather. From “I love Paris in the spring” kind of weather to full on November winter weather…

Here’s what the race organisers had to say:

“In order to be able to organise the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris in the best possible conditions we decided, in concert with the Paris City Hall and the Paris Police Prefecture, to postpone the date of the event. The new date is now set for 15 November 2020. The Paris Breakfast Run will be held on Saturday 14 November. Of course, we will take into account the evolution of the situation and will scrupulously respect the directives of the health authorities and the State services with which we work closely.

We are well aware of the inconvenience caused by this exceptional situation and the impact on your organisation. We thank you for your patience and will do everything we can to welcome you in the best possible conditions.”

I like the thinking of this runner, who Tweeted:

I think he has a point – to re-re-schedule instead of outright cancelling does indicate a certain degree of optimism, doesn’t it?

Oh God, I do hope things have calmed down/been resolved by the middle of November.

But you know what? Seeing images like the one below, which are “standard” marathon images, do look scary, in today’s Coronavirus world, don’t they?

WHEN oh when will the effects of this awful pandemic cease and we can go back to”normal” – whatever that may mean to different people…

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