How was your June mileage?

How was your June mileage?

Another month in this strange Covid-19 world of ours.

Although lockdown has been lifted here in Delhi, we still have restrictions. We’re allowed out to exercise, for example, but parks don’t open until 6.00, by which time it is already crazy hot.

“How crazy?” do I hear you ask?

Try 31C at 5.30, like this morning.

Will that do you?!

All of which is to say that my days consist of an early morning foray to the local park for the slowest of runs, with lots of walk breaks (knee STILL hurting, dammit).

Hunker down indoors for the rest of the day.

And then another sortie in the evening, for a v-e-r-y slow walk with reluctant hubby in tow.

All of which brings my monthly mileage to 262.36 km.

Which is fine, but not brilliant.

It is, of course, a definite improvement on last month, so onwards & upwards for July!


  1. Which prompted me to look at my monthly mileage out of curiosity! 176 miles – all walked, of course, and that’s literally every step taken – but I was pleasantly surprised, I must say.

    Jane Binstead
  2. Bravo Christine and Jane. We’ve been busy in London too – my Garmin registered 626km in June of which 305km was running. Andrew ran a whopping 350km. For July we will be resting esp as the school hols began today.

    Naomi Reiniger Nee Hopkins

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