What did you see on your run today? #424 is GREAT fun! Enjoy!

A couple of weeks ago, my UK-based girlfriends Katha shared some fun photos of scarecrows from her run.



Yesterday, Katha was out running in her village which is celebrating its Scarecrow Festival, and she shares here some of the clever and funny and bang-on-trend scarecrows made & displayed by her neighbours.

So sit back, let Katha run and guide us through her village, and enjoy this fun, quirky festival 🙂

It’s the scarecrow festival in Freckleton and Warton (ie our village and the next) this weekend. So I decided to do my run on part of the ‘scarecrow trail’ this afternoon when we had a bit of sunshine.

Unlike the scarecrows I saw elsewhere a few weeks back, which were mainly Covid 19 themed, there was a huge variety in our village. They felt more ‘personal’, imaginative, cheeky even. For example, this scarecrow was outside this little kid’s house who is popular as the Dino Boy in the village. He has won people’s hearts since the lockdown by sowing seeds and putting out a table of saplings outside his house now and again for people to take for free! Even today books and Dino toys were put out for kids to take with them. Adorable, no?

As is this one. Clearly a Peppa Pig fan in the household!

Then there were scarecrows promoting local businesses.

This hairdresser (below) outside the popular salon is clearly ready to open the salon doors again on the 4th of July.

Or is it the customer, finally getting her roots done 😛

Key workers were not forgotten…

There were loads of ‘traditional’ ones as well… and very neat too!

My British husband Dave had to explain me the Aunt Sally and Gummidge context, below:

The PM, a straw man? 😛 Cheeky no?!

And some quirky ones.

There were so many and some were so life-like that twice I mistook onlookers as scarecrows!

This is a scarecrow, by the way, below. Didn’t dare take photos documenting my faux pas!

And this household sure takes the prize for the most effort!

It was one of my most joyous short runs in a long time

It was heartening to see so many families out (still maintaining social distancing) to admire these admirable displays. Households had pulled out all the stops to create these masterpieces to bring a smile during this tough time.

It sure brought a smile to my face as I am sure it did to many others.

Katha, these are such fun.

Personal favourites are the Prime Minister as a straw man, complete with bulging stomach and messy shirt detail 😛 and the bloke fixing his car.

I also did a double take with the fella repairing the telephone lines!

Thanks, as ever, my dear friend, and congrats to all your clever neighbours.

And, by the way, where’s yours & Dave’s scarecrow? Should be in running gear, nah?!

#keeprunning #keepinspring


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