What did you see on your run today? #426 comes from Belgium

What did you see on your run today? #426 comes from Belgium

Today has been a good day for running friends.

This is the 3rd guest post today.

All 3 from women friends.

All 3 from different countries.

And all 3 unsolicited (that means I didn’t nag and nag and nag these lovely gals 🙂 ). They all volunteered, the darlings.

THIS is what I call fun blogging. 3 runners all sharing their experiences here.

We started the day with Katha in England, moved onto Sarah in South Africa and we wrap up today with Myriam in Belgium, who is waiting for some rain to break the sultry heat. (Same here, my friend! Same here!)

So, over to Myriam 🙂

And, by the way, the park she mentions (below) is where I run most days, and which I share on Instagram.

“Yesterday I did a short run of 3 km in our “little” park. I’m so jealous if I see pictures of your park. It seems so nice.

It’s hot and humid on the moment in Belgium. We need a good rain! (while writing this to you, it’s raining – that means – a drop and … there is another one).

So running in the evening (or in the early mornings) is better.

I took some photos of the surroundings. And saw my son and his girlfriend on a bench 🙂

You know what, Myriam? Your park looks lovely and there is no reason to be jealous of my Delhi park…though I guess we probably have WAY more peacocks than you!

Thanks, m’dear and #keeprunning #keepinspiring. And I hope you get that rain you’re waiting for.


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