What did I see on my run today? #423 stars India in all her colourful glory

What did I see on my run today? #423 stars India in all her colourful glory

I did a v-e-r-y slow 13km this hot and humid morning in my usual haunt, the Biodiversity Park, and it was all pretty jam-packed:

a) I met 3 friends who used to be in my running group, before the group sadly split and went its various ways. I ran for a bit with Neeraj and Ram, who always were speedsters.

They still are 😛

Left me standing…

b) I had an interesting grumbly chat with 2 blokes whom I see every morning, and have done for years, but without even so much as a “Good morning” ever being exchanged all this time. Today though, fired up by the number of people not wearing masks, we had a bit of a collective grumble about irresponsible behaviour. Runners came in for particular criticism by my 2 co-complainers – and it’s true. Most runners were NOT wearing masks this morning.

By the way, every run/walk in the park, I count the number of people I pass and the number not wearing masks.

Today’s tally was 55 /118 people.

That’s a LOT of folk running and walking without a mask.

What else did I spy this morning?

c) Zillions of peacocks, and loads of dancing.

“My” peacock – the one with a broken feather, who features in my Instagram a lot these days – was in super form this morning. I ran past him 5 times, on my loops, and he danced every time. Every time.

The last time, he even did an extra little shimmy, especially for me.

I. Just. Know. It.

d) Then, as I was heading towards the gate to leave, what did I see but a bride walking to her wedding.

Not bad for one run, right?

I tell you, there is categorically NO such thing as a dull run in India 🙂

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