What did you see on your run today? #422 comes from London & stars a gorgeous bloke

My London-based friend Alison who has been chronicling the wildlife and scenery of Richmond Park during her lockdown runs and sharing them with us here, has a super photo from her latest run.

Will you just have a dekko at this handsome fella!!

How gorgeous is he? From his cool, confident demeanour, I’d say he is clearly used to people gazing admiringly at him.

And after seeing Alison’s photos of newly hatched ducklings and goslings over the months, here’s a cute huddle of clearly growing-up goslings:

It truly is such a joy to be able to exercise amidst nature, especially in a city.

That’s why I cherish my local biodiversity park here in Delhi, and for everyone lucky enough to run or cycle through Richmond Park – well, it must be balm to the city soul.

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