More about (not) running in a mask

Following on from my post 3 days ago about people not wearing a mask while exercising in the park, I got several messages from friends who kindly sent me links to articles about the risks of running in a mask and/or the medical view of it not being necessary.

Pauline Law, a friend from when we lived in Mauritius, shared this WHO advisory:

And as I told Pauline, the fact of the matter is that here in Delhi it is now the law, so realistically we have no choice but to comply.

Yesterday my morning paper reported that in the first 3 days since this became the law, the Delhi police fined over 2,700 people for offences – including not wearing a mask:

What caught my eye and made me yelp was the last sentence above – “is valid for one year”.

Does this mean we are going to have to wear masks for a year? The other provisions don’t bother me, since I am a solo runner, and neither smoke nor spit in public.

Hubby reckons it doesn’t mean a year, just that they have put a long time frame on the law, to avoid having to renew it every few weeks…hope he’s right, because the thought of being masked for a year is pretty soul-destroying.

But, as I said in my previous post, if it’s the best way to protect ourselves, so be it.

It’s also the law.

My London-based friend Alison, whose runs in Richmond Park often feature here, sent me a very interesting & useful link to the New York Times.

Here you go. Well worth reading.

I am heartened by the opinion in the article about wearing a buff/bandana, which is what I do.

It definitely feels less constricting than the paper surgical masks I see many people wearing. Not 100% protection, the article says, but buffs are easy to pull up and down and up and down…

Oh, yes, for those of you who are interested – I am still doing my twice daily tally of those not wearing/wearing a mask in the park.

Yesterday morning it was 14/67.

Yesterday evening it was 14/47.

This morning it was 27/85. That’s roughly 1/3…

Many people are “repeat offenders” whom I see every day (since we exercise at the same time) and I find myself getting increasingly irritated by the runners especially, as they speed past with ne’er a care in the world nor a mask on their face.

Please wear a mask.

For all our sakes.

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