What did you see on your run today? #419 comes from sunny London

My London based friend Alison has been out and about running in Richmond Park, from where she has previously shared with us here some great photos of the deer that roam freely in this huge, beautiful park in south London.

She’s also been charting the progress of this season’s crop of babies, like “her” Egyptian goslings that are now all grown up:

It was only in late April that these goslings were born and now they are looking fully fledged. Bad pun, I know.

A nesting kestrel – lovely sighting, Ali:

But, as ever, the deer were the stars of her run-sightings.

Alison’s comment (below) on this gathering of red deer made me smile, but what has actually happened, here she explains, is that the does (the females) kick out the maester when they are in calf.

“I finally understand what a stag party is”…


Thanks, my friend, and please keep sharing your running moments with us. There’s nothing quite like running amidst wild animals…

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