What did you see on your run today? #418 features scarecrows. Quite!

I LOVE this post from my friend Katha, who lives in a village in the north of England, and I’ll tell you why I love it so.

It’s because it somehow highlights the strain of slight eccentricity that I have always suspected ran through my fellow country-peoples’ veins.

Katha explains:

I live in rural England. Just 20 mins on the bike and you find yourself in narrow and quiet country lanes with acres and acres of farmlands on both sides.

Come summer and villages, including ours, come alive with carnivals and fetes, including the scarecrow festival.

Obviously, the coronavirus has put a stop to these. But it hasn’t dampened people’s spirit though.

It was sheer joy to see Covid 19 theme scarecrows outside country cottages and farmhouses during my run today. Most of them paying homage to key workers. Here are a few…

They didn’t forget those who are still bringing post and packages.

My favourtie?

A scarecrow modelled on Captain Tom Moore, who helped to raise over £28 million for the NHS!

Lovely, isn’t it?

Katha, this is delightful and I must say I had NO idea there were scarecrow festivals, back in the ol’ home country 😛

Or perhaps it’s a Lancashire thing?!

I love how ingenious people have been – especially Captain Tom!

Thanks SO much for such a sweet post.

#keepinspiring #keeprunning and #staysafe.

And another shout out to your hubby Dave, the lockdown birthday boy 🙂


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