Easing back into running

Easing back into running

All through lockdown in Delhi, where I live, I have walked every day.

Steadily, every day, up and down the driveway.

Or round and round our terrace. Sometimes I even “ran,” in short 20m bursts.

That has been my routine since March 22nd.

So when our Lockdown 4.0 restrictions were somewhat eased 10 days ago, on the 18th May, I headed straight out to run.

For longer stretches than 20m at a time. Wow!

On Instagram, I have detailed my repeated visits to “my” park, which remains resolutely shut, despite all the other parks in the ‘hood opening up.

I kept hoping that if I showed up often enough, maybe just maybe, the kind guard at the gate would take pity on me and remove the barriers…but all he does is smile sweetly at me, apologise, and tell me the park will open on June 1st.

So instead I have run on traffic-free colony roads, which is a joy.

And I have started running in the rather nice District Park that is being renovated. Each day, I swear, the track has been extended a little further, which is great news.

Technically we still have a 7-7 curfew, meaning that by the time I am “legally” allowed out of the house, at 7am, it is already hot.

Because, right on cue, after absolutely glorious weather while we were locked down, now that we are allowed out, the weather has turned broiling hot.

As in heatwave hot.

I find, to my consternation, that the slow trotting up and down the driveway, although obviously better than nothing, has left me seriously out of shape and out of condition.

I feel as though I’m right back to Square One, to be honest.

But there is nothing I can do about this, other than soldier on, so every morning I head out at 7 (or sometimes 10/15 minutes earlier 😛 ) with my hydration backpack, and walk/run/walk/run around the restored monuments in my local park.

Pretty smashing, right?

I am not yet anywhere back to any kind of form.

Those heady pre-injury days of November seem a lifetime ago, I tell ya. In so, so many ways.

I tore the meniscus in my left knee in late November, on a day, incidentally, when I was being verbally hassled by a big group of loutish schoolboys, and that now means that it has been 6 months since I have run “properly”.

But progress is progress, and between injury and lockdown, I am grateful that now I can at least trot slowly around for 7km at a time.

The idea is to increase the mileage every few days by just a little – perhaps in step with the tracks in the park increasing a little every day!

So, onwards and upwards!

And, here’s hoping our curfew timings get either altered or lifted when the current Lockdown ends on the 31st, meaning we can all head out even earlier to exercise.


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