What did you see on your run today? #417 comes from London

People in the UK have been allowed out all throughout lockdown, making the likes of me pretty darn jealous.

Initially Brits were allowed out for around an hour or so a day – a reasonable time, basically – but now it is unlimited, and with the lovely weather they are having, it seems as though the whole of London is out and about and exercising

You can sense the happiness at being free to head out and relax and exercise, in this bubbly post from my London-based friend Naomi, who is clocking up some miles, by the way.

Here, let Naomi share her run, in her own words:

“This week has been all about running – 75km this week and I’m shattered.

For lots of other Londoners it has been about finding new and exciting ways to get out of the house, now that the government says we are allowed unlimited daily exercise.

There have been the usual and expected, with tennis courts booked from dawn till dusk, as long as you remember not to touch anyone else’s balls.

The golf courses of Wimbledon (of which there are several) are filled with delighted golfers who have had to transport their clubs in rather inventive ways as most of the car parks remain closed – think balancing on a bike with a golf bag – hilarious!

The Commons and cricket pitches are buzzing with people reunited with their personal trainers for one on one sessions.

Although I did spot three very enthusiastic ladies hiding in the bushes having a socially distanced yoga session. They seemed much happier than the poor woman being put through a rigorous circuits class by her very enthusiastic husband. I think she’d have preferred to try her hand at the boxing session taking place nearby.

The River Thames has been busy with rowers returning, but only in single sculls and there was even a lone paddle boarder enjoying the early morning sunshine. I have found greatest joy in the more inventive and less well known sports that Londoners enjoy.

Thank you to the family of lacrosse players who were really demonstrating the best of British competitiveness that resulted in tears of joy from the youngest son (who can’t have been more than 6 years old) as he scored for the first time.

But the highlight of my week was without doubt the gentleman on his Pennyfarthing Bike in Wandsworth Park. I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture but it was a truly joyful moment for all of us lucky enough to witness it.

What a super picture you paint, Naomi, of Londoners enjoying what is clearly fab weather.

Congrats on 75km and yes – too bad you missed getting a photo the man on his pennyfarthing. Must’ve been quite a sight!

Thanks for such a happy post and #keeprunning #keepinspiring

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