Running in these strange Coronavirus times

Running in these strange Coronavirus times

Today, May 21st, it is exactly 2 months since my last “proper” run.

It was Saturday evening, 21st March and I was out for my 2nd run of the day, in my local park.

The next day was to be a one-day curfew, the “Janta Curfew”, which we now all realise was a dress rehearsal for the real thing, lockdown. So I went for my regular evening run in the Biodiversity Park, but had to curtail it to come back to meet very dear friends who’d popped by unannounced, fearing that a lockdown was on the cards.

And how right they were.

Ah well, I told myself. Never mind, I’ll be polite, head home earlier than planned and make up the mileage on Monday…

…then Delhi got locked-down, then the whole country got locked down, and those catch-up miles never happened.

Fast forward 7 weeks.

As of a couple of days ago, as India enters Lockdown 4.0, certain things have eased up. We can now go out, but only after curfew is lifted at 7am.

And, we were told, parks will open.

So, on Monday morning, full of excitement, & all masked up, I headed out to Run in the Park for the First Time.

It was closed.

But the roads were empty, so in the sheer delight of being out of the house, I ran happily & deliberately down the middle of what is otherwise a busy main road – just because I could!

Tuesday, full of optimism I again headed off to the park, where the guard told me it won’t open before 31 May.

So I ran up & down the middle of the main road again.

Wednesday…yup, you’ve guessed. Same scenario.

Same up and down the main road.

Today…you can fill in the blanks…

Delhi’s Chief Minister has announced that some parks will open tomorrow – like the wonderful Lodhi Gardens – BUT only between 7-10am.

BUT there is curfew till 7am.

AND it’s getting w-a-y too hot to run much after 7am.

It just doesn’t make sense to drive across town to run in the heat.

So, guess what? Yes indeed, it’ll back to the middle of the road for me tomorrow.

By the way, for non-Delhi-walas: where I live, we are not under the NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Authority), our parks fall under a different authority and they are not yet opening.

Anyone know why the discrepancy, by the way?

What else about this “new” way of running?

We’re all supposed to wear masks when we are outdoors, but have you TRIED running in this heat with a mask on?

I wear a buff/bandana when I’m near other people, and carry a surgical mask in my pocket, just in case.

I wonder how long we’ll all be expected to wear masks?

Still, at least we are allowed out, which is good news.

Once curfew is lifted things will be much better, because we’ll be able to beat the heat.

In the meantime, stay safe, everyone!


    1. I 100% agree, Sonam, it’s difficult & takes some getting used to. I used one of those thin ones (don’t know how much protection they give in the whole Coronavirus scenario) and can sort of breathe through it, but it feels constraining. I am going to try my bigger, stronger mask one day soon.


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