What did you see on your run today? #415 comes from rural China

My Shanghai-based friend Melissa headed out of town at the weekend, to a gorgeous-looking area called Wuyuan, in Jiangxi province.

From her photos and videos, there is a wonderful “old fashioned” feel to it, totally removed from the usual image one has of China as a country of tower blocks and shopping malls.

The countryside looks timeless and peaceful, like the China of traditional paintings.

Melissa ran for 12km and then biked more on quiet, often muddy, country lanes.

So peaceful.

Except when she came across a snake!

Because she thought it was dead (it wasn’t) Melissa approached the snake, only to discover later that it’s a poisonous species. Yikes, girl!

A less harmful sighting below:

Wuyuan is about 3 1/2 hours by train from Shanghai.

Here’s her tracklog, by the way:

Thanks, Melissa, for sharing such lovely images. I can tell you that from my city bound, locked-down perspective, this looks like heaven 🙂

#keeprunning #keepinspiring

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