So, how was your April running mileage?

Whilst many of you have been running marathons inside your home during lockdown, I have not been as industrious nor energetic.

No crazy impressive lockdown miles to report.

Just 183.25km for a month of TOTAL lockdown.

I would, however, like to mention 2 things:

a) please don’t miss the .25 😛 Every step counts!

b) let me state for the record that every one of these 183.25km has been done inside our property – either on the drive & on the terrace.

(Rant alert!)

I am SICK to death of peering over the gate as I trot up and down, and seeing people out for their morning walk in the street.

Same blokes every damn day, regular as clockwork. They don’t even vary their route or their timing.

One of them is a bloke I recognise – I used to see him every morning in the Biodiversity Park.

Today there were 3 men out walking together, chatting away, seemingly without a care in the world.



Sorry not sorry for the rant.

Yeah, so there we go.

I had very different plans for April.

Didn’t we all?

My plans included being in the Himalayas for part of the month, trail running.

But Life had other plans for us all, and so the roof terrace it has been.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that I usually exercise with my faithful, bonkers puppy Leia for company.

We have fun.

I scold her for eating up my roses.

She trips me up.

We play.

And sometimes she just sits there, bemused, watching me while I dance to my playlist.

Running in these weird, worrying lockdown times.

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