What did you see on your run today? #413 stars the River Thames. Again!

Such fun!

Yesterday my friend Alison ran along the banks of the Thames in sunshine and shared her photos with us.

Today my lovely new cyber-friend Naomi also sent me photos of her 10km run along the banks of the Thames – but in grey, drizzly weather this time.

(Mean of me to say it, but Naomi’s photos are more “typically” English-weather-y !!)

Here’s Naomi’s account of her morning run:

Water water everywhere!

This morning’s run was all about water.

Now that the London skies are so quiet I was woken by the arrival of some much needed rain in the early hours.
I am no stranger to running in the rain so had my wet weather kit prepared and as there appeared to be a bit of a break in the downpour I headed out towards the Thames.

I love to run by the river and often do so early on a Sunday morning.

Putney Bridge

Since lockdown and all the sunshine, I have kept away as the towpath is less than 2m wide in many places and has become very busy. But with arrival of the rain I figured I’d be lucky.

How lucky I was!

I managed a refreshing 10km in minimal drizzle on quiet pavements and paths.

The tide was in too, so it was a real treat to be so close to the water.

One thing is for sure – London is gradually returning to her busy self with many more people heading off to work in their cars and even queues at the bus stops.

I made it home just in time for the heavens to reopen and now I am enjoying the rain working its magic on my garden.”

Through Naomi’s kitchen window!

Thanks SO much, Naomi, for such a lovely description but one thing intrigued me…your mention of the fact that London is slowly retuning to normal.

What has changed? lockdown hasn’t been lifted, has it?

So why the change in habit?

And any idea how the buses handle social distancing?!

Enjoy your runs, you lucky gal! And thanks for the breath of fresh air for the rest of us!



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