What did you see on your run today? #412 stars the River Thames

It is SO wonderful to receive running photos from those lucky people who are still allowed outside…she says through gritted teeth.

No, seriously, I love hearing from my British, Chinese & American friends, who are about the only ones currently allowed out to exercise during lockdown.

My London-based friend Alison, who usually exercises in Richmond Park & goes deer spotting for us headed off in a different direction today.

She ran by the river, crossing over Barnes Bridge, which gave her this view:

And then across Kew Bridge:

It all looks so pretty – almost like an Old Masters painting.

Don’t know if I’m imagining it, but there’s an air of stillness in these photos. You don’t feel as though there are many people around and about, and the surface of the river looks so calm.

Thanks, as ever, Ali, for sharing your daily exercise outing with us.

Enjoy it on behalf of all of we locked-down-walas!

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