What did you see on your run today? #411 comes from Shanghai

My Shanghai based friend Melissa headed out this weekend for a 10km run along the river, in gorgeous sunny, clear-skied weather.

Even though she has lived in Shanghai for years, Melissa said this part of the West Bund Park is new to her – but to be fair, much of this park is pretty new in any case, as Shanghai keeps restoring, renovating and improving the city for its citizens.

When I walked through part of this park last year, I was consumed by quite unseemly jealousy at the level of civic infrastructure here.

The long stretch along the river is beautifully maintained, has space and facilities and – of course – is spotlessly clean.

Anyway, back to Melissa’s run.

She ran across a bridge crossing one of the side canals, which seems to have a dam:

For such a busy, crowded city like Shanghai, it all looks pretty empty (below) – possibly a result of the virus lockdown?

She passed the inevitable photo shoot:

Kite flyers were also out (below) &, of necessity, social distancing. Guess you don’t get too close, to avoid crossed wires!

And there were also the inevitable open air dancers:

Looks like life is slowly getting back to normal in Shanghai, as people take advantage of the great weather and the lovely location.

Thanks, Melissa, for sharing your run with us & don’t forget #keeprunning #keepinspiring

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