What is a safe social distance for runners?

What is a safe social distance for runners?

Sitting here in locked-down Delhi, the question I’m posing in the title of today’s blog is purely academic.

For the moment, at least.

Currently, I am “running” up and down my driveway, in 30m stretches, with only my 2 dogs for company, and even they get bored after a while, so I have zero need to socially distance while running.

But thinking ahead, this question of “what is a safe social distance?” will be a very legitimate one:

a) the day when lockdown is over and we can all step outdoors again

b) the day when racing resumes

How do you social distance when you run?

Even more so when you race?

What happens?

There was a fascinating article in The Times (the UK paper) at the weekend, which I’ll share with you here.

A Belgian scientist has come up with this assessment, below, taking into account there aero=dynamics of running and cycling.

Isn’t this absolutely fascinating?

And isn’t it equally a tad disheartening for those of us who go to running group or who are hoping for a return to autumn & winter racing? How do we run or race and maintain a safe social distance?

I mean, I know I’m a slow runner, but all the same…keeping 10m apart from fellow runners sounds a tad excessive, even for me.

Joking aside, it is going to be interesting to see how this wretched, frightening virus will affect the future of running and cycling, and racing in these sports.

Is running in a mask the way forward?

I do a lot of solo running, so perhaps that is to be my running destiny – at least until things become clearer.

Run alone in my park, where there are very few people anyway, and be careful to keep a wide berth.

But first, we all have to sit out lockdown.



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