What did you see on your run today? #410 stars a balancing deer

The glorious weather continues in London, I am reliably informed by my friends there, who are still allowed out to run and walk and cycle, lucky things.

(Pause for quick sigh of envy…)

My friend Alison headed out again today to Richmond Park, from where she has sent us many a gorgeous pic of deer. Remember how they were trying to jump over a ditch, last time?

This morning’s behaviour was a little different.

Take a look:

Just look at this fella, reaching up to browse.

I remarked to Ali that he must think he’s a gerenuk on the plains of Africa, ‘cos they do the same thing:

I took this photo in Kenya’s Samburu Park, by the way

Such fun 🙂

The ducklings are also growing apace…

It all looks so wonderful.

England in the spring is always wonderful, but when you are stuck in locked down Delhi, the thought of wild animals and lakes and blue skies is even more irresistible.

Thanks for this glimpse of London, Alison

#keeprunning #keepinspiring

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