What did you see on your run today? #409 comes from sunny London

What did you see on your run today? #409 comes from sunny London

I’ve talked here before about one of the many joys of running is the friends you make. Real & cyber.

Since all runners are, by and large, super nice friendly people, I not only have “real” running friends – as in people whom I meet & know & run with – but I also have “cyber” running friends – usually running friends of running friends.

By dint of sharing their advice or tips or photographs, they have become long-distance friends I am just waiting to meet for real.

Like Sue Warrington, whom I “met” through my London-based mate Romit – they are in the same running group.

Sue, along with all her fellow Brits, is lucky enough to be allowed out to run & exercise in these locked down days, and it is runners like her who are like a breath of fresh air to we 100% locked-down-walas.

Sue sent me some AMAZING photos of her 5km run in Bushy Park.

Firstly – just LOOK at the weather!

And secondly – that empty road!

When I saw Sue’s picture of deer (below), I thought “What? MORE deer in London parks?” and since I’ve never been to Bushy Park, I Googled it.

The deer first, though:

Herds of both red and fallow deer, I learn, roam freely in this fab-sounding park, which is (I also learn) the second largest of London’s Royal Parks!

HOW have I never visited it? What a gap in my education!

And onto the post-Coronavirus bucket list Bushy Park goes 🙂

Thanks SO much, Sue not only for such lovely photos of the ‘ol home country, but also for introducing me to Bushy Park.

I thought deer were only in Richmond Park, but I am delighted to be proved wrong!

Enjoy your daily outing, Sue, on behalf of all of we locked down types.



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