Aiming for an extra 4000 lockdown steps

Aiming for an extra 4000 lockdown steps

In these locked down days I am, like so many of us, trying to stay active.

Can’t deny that I am SERIOUSLY missing my early morning runs in the Biodiversity Park which will be, by the way, the FIRST place I head to, whenever lockdown is lifted here in Delhi.

To ensure that I do keep a little bit fit, I’m currently taking part in Garmin’s 10kaday challenge, and so I walk round and round and round my roof terrace, trying to clock up 10,000 steps.

Sometimes, just to jazz things up, I’ll walk up and down and up and down our 30m long driveway 😛

My daily goal in “normal” times – remember normal? – was actually 15k a day, so I’m trying to work my way back to those levels.

This little article in today’s Economic Times makes for interesting reading, quantifying – as it does – how just 4000 extra steps can make a signifiant difference to our health.

So come on, everyone – up & at ’em!

Take just 4k extra steps and make a difference.


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