What did you see on your run today? #404 comes with a jokey smile from the Himalayas

Every year since 2007 we have gone up to the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh, where hubby fishes & I go for long walks in the mountains. We try and go twice, sometimes 3 times, during the trout fishing season.

The Tirthan and Phalachan valleys are 2 of my most favourite places in India, and feel like home.

We should have been there last month, staying with our friends.

But we were all locked down.

We should have been heading up there today for our second trip of the fishing season.

But we are all still locked down.

So Himachal was very much on my mind this morning, when, right on cue, my friend Shalini sent me a jokey clip of her husband Dam “running” inside their home (where we should’ve been… 🙁 ).

Funny fella 🙂

From his topi and jacket, I presume that it’s cold up there & Shalini confirmed that it was also raining.

Which means snow on the upper reaches.

Which means fab views, when the weather clears.

Despite the rain-streaked windows, this is what Dam sees, every day.

This is their view.

Isn’t it divine?

What I wouldn’t give to be up there right now, rain or nor rain, cold or no cold, running with Dam…

Here’s a link to their website, just so you can dream some more 🙂


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