Running in these Covid-19 times. #3. Ashu Sonali

My goodness me, but you live & you learn.

And what I have learned today is that I have even more crazy friends than I realised 🙂

Remember I shared with you the story of my friend Gaurav running a marathon in his house on Saturday?

And Mihika running an ultra in her house yesterday?

Well, it turns out that there is actually a whole group of these crazy sorry sorry enthusiastic people, who run crazy sorry sorry amazing distances indoors.

My God!

There are runners our there just slaying it, knocking the whole notion of lockdown out of the ball park.

I am SO impressed with these guys, tackling marathons and beyond, inside their homes, with their bemused/amused/supportive families either putting up with them or enthusiastically joining in.

As was the case with Dr. Ashu Sonali, who not content with running an indoor half marathon last week, then ran a full inside his home, with his daughters clearly having a blast along with him 🙂 🙂

And now let Ashu tell his story, in his own words (always the best way)!! :

“I am a practicing oncologist at Fortis Gurgoan and an avid ultra runner.

Recently did my 100 km stadium run on 1st March.

A group of us have a running group “MKJ- maston ka jhund”. We .all are full time working people, some doctors, engineers, mba, lawyer, banker and stuff but everyone is connected with common passion for running.

This lockdown has made us think about so many things.

As a runner and also as a practicing oncologist, I see life very closely and also understand how important it is to mingle work, responsibility with health.

In our group we keep inspiring others and also get inspired by all fellow runners.

This covid lockdown is being seriously followed by all, as its very crucial for all of us – especially for me too, as I have to complete my hospital duties, looking after my cases in hospital and then also think for my family and also the group. We recently tried engaging people by doing daily indoor workouts, plank challenge etc, .and finally tried doing my 1st all indoor living room half marathon last saturday.

I posted this in the grou,p after which all were inspired so much so that these last couple of days everyone tried doing a full marathon in their living room!

I’m .still waiting for more updates and there’ll be a lot of half marathons too.

More so it also pushed my daughters and wife to run along, making it a family affair.

I hope more people will get into this insane passion.”

I really like Ashu’s thoughtful analysis of our current predicament. As a doctor, he must know better than anyone how important it is to keep healthy, and the fact that his wife & delightfully happy & giggly daughters join in with him is great – inspiring a new generation!

AND – please note – Ashu used the words “Insane passion” himself!

His words, not mine 😛 😛

Shabash, my friend – for working & running & inspiring.

#keeprunning #keepinspiring

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