Running in these Covid-19 times. #2. Mihika Wahi Gupta

My God, but the world of Indoor Running During A Global Pandemic is a highly competitive, unforgiving place.

No sooner have I shared the amazing story of one of my friends who ran a full marathon indoors, than his record is shattered! 😛

Toppled! 😛

Trampled upon! 😛

Pause for drumroll.

Because yet another of my crazy running friends ran an ultra last night, inside her home.




This is, by the way, after she’d already ran a half marathon indoors 2 days earlier.

Here’s the story, in her own words:

“This is the time when all of us are on self quarantine and all outdoor activities have been stopped. I was thinking of various options to keep working out.

So I started to run inside my house. Two days back.

I had thought that I will run only five kilometres but, I graduated to doing ten kilometres. When this was done and dusted, I kept at it and now the thought of doing a half marathon crossed my mind. I was able to do that and it was a challenge of a different kind.

(Note from the Editor: so you’ve got that, right? 2 days ago, Mihika runs a zippy indoor half marathon…read on…)

I was able to do that and it was a challenge of a different kind. As a runner, we are used to seeing runners and that gives a feeling of being there with others. Also, running is an outdoor activity.

Both these factors were missing while running inside and it took a different kind of a mental strength to keep at it.

One can always create self goals and can test one’s strength and ability.

Nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it.

All the excuses are there within and we have to overcome them on our own.

The icing on the cake was the beautiful medal which my son presented to me when I finished.

(Note from the Editor: fast forward 2 days…)

And today when I had enough confidence I again started to run and did an Ultra.

Another thing which I got over mentally was running in the evening.

I had never run in the evening and I could never relate with people who would do there regular running in the evening hours. But I think this was the need of the hour because most of the morning time these days would go in doing the household chores of laundry, dusting, mopping and cooking meals.

So I thought that evening time would be best suited.

So I started at 4:30 p.m. and was done by about 10:30 p.m.

The best part was that I was supported by my family.

My husband took over the charge of the evening meals and doing the dishes etc which is much appreciated because without their support ,with no other help around in the house, I could have either taken more time to finish or might have given up in between.

And yes while I was running I simultaneously cooked some awesome kheer for everyone, which I used to stir occasionally while I ran all through the house 😄. (strict instructions by kids not to add any form of garnishing like dryfruits or saffron etc)

In addition to various learnings and lessons learnt during these days this taught me that we are the ones creating our blocks and we are the ones who can dissolve them.

So go for it.

Another Finishers medal for my INDOOR ULTRA presented by my son.

I’ll cherish these medals for times to come.”

I give up!!

Running a half marathon, then an ultra AND cooking pudding – Mihika, you are too much 🙂 😉

Here a photo of the kheer she cooked, just to prove it !

Fab stuff, my girl.

Now put your feet up for a couple of days – if that’s possible – and enjoy those medals. You’ve certainly earned them.

#keeprunning #keepinspiring and most importantly #stayhome


  1. Mihika, you deserve every appreciation and lot of recognition for what you have achieved which, I am sure, not many would have done earlier. It’s so inspiring to me personally. Congratulations!

    Anil Gupta
  2. Unstoppable champ.. u r an inspiration for me. To be honest I never even think to do so… crazy MADNESS, but respect u always.. be strong stay happy stay safe stay home.. many congratulations yet another achievements in your bucket..

    Sushil Hooda
      1. Mihika Wahi Gupta
        Sahi mein .. I tried 5 km at home …pta h kitne chakker legaye ek table ke … n u did 50 km .. body se jyda u hv strong mind .. to etna to banta h u too take care n stay safe

        Sonia Tuteja Taneja

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