Running in these Covid-19 times. #1. Gaurav Pant

Here in India, we are all under lockdown.

And suddenly, the ability to lace up and head out to run has become very precious.

On Instagram, for example, I am avidly & enviously watching the daily posts from a British runner who can still take to the woods and river banks and run outdoors.

But here in India, a joy that we all took for granted is gone.

For now, at least.

We are currently on Day 5 of a 21 day countrywide lockdown.


But let’s face it, runners gonna run.

My social media timeline is flooded with my Indian friends running around their homes, on their balconies, on treadmills.

Lats Sunday, when it was “just” a voluntary 16 hour People’s Curfew here, I shared the story of one of my running mates, Gaurav Pant, who ran a half marathon inside his flat.

Move over record-breaking Gaurav Pant, and welcome record-breaking Gaurav Pant 😛


Because, can you believe it, this crazy guy has just RUN A FULL MARATHON INSIDE HIS FLAT??


And now let’s hear from the man of the hour 🙂

I give you Indoor Marathoner Gaurav, in his own words:

“After my half marathon last week, I had planned to do a Full Marathon soon under home quarantine, but was not aware that it would happen next week itself.

Woke up at 5am, & was ready for a run by 5:40am.

Contemplated doing a FM or 10k with some strength session online. Started running at a decent pace compared to in-home running. My morning partner my mother woke up & asked me how many km I’d done, I had just started my run lets see how many Kms i do.

The weather was cooler but in 40mins the sun was out full of energy and I could feel myself getting warmer.

I had completed 9kms by then, and since the plan was not sure, I continued running slow and easy, since everyone was sleeping and my mother was busy doing her Yoga.

Slowly and steadily another hour passed and the watch showed 19kms.

I thought of giving up after 21.097km, but after completing the HM, everyone at home was still asleep being a weekend.

Decided to continue and see how the run progress, and decided I will assess after every 5km.

Another hour passes i had completed almost 30km when my wife and my daughter woke up.

Both of them asked why running so late are you MAD!! P

I said yes just tolerate for 90 mins and then I will be at your service. The weather was warm, so made sure I had mid-run food and kept myself hydrated.

As a ritual my daughter joined me for the last 2kms, making it a super strong finish and another great memory.

LOVE her giggles

Today the music was more from Bhaag Milkha Bhag and Sultan.”

Gaurav, my friend, I’m with your wife & daughter on this one – mad, mad, mad.

But WHAT a feat!

To run a marathon in your flat, in a good time (well, by my standards 😛 :P), to eat, drink, and have time to change your T shirt (ah ha!! How observant am I ?!!) – you leave me speechless!


And, obviously, I am intrigued as to how far you’ll go, since I have a sneaking feeling that you somehow won’t stop…

#˚we-running #keepinspiring and, most importantly, #staysafe


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