Lockdown running

Lockdown running

Let me confess.

In these very strange, very worrying Coronavirus times I am

a) blown away by all these people on social media who are running half marathons inside their homes


b) am enjoying getting to know my running mates “differently”, if that makes sense.

Yeah, you’re right – I’m just nosey about their homes, as they share their home workouts!! 😛 😛

My friend Navi Singh is the latest to run an impressive distance from home.

In his case, it was 10km on his terrace.

In the dark.

And with great music.

Like so:

Navi being Navi – an all-round great guy & a music buff of note – he kindly shared his playlist 🙂

Now here’s the thing:

As you can see, this playlist is clearly in alphabetic order.

And Navi only just started the Cs.

So, yes, I have high hopes that there will be more many music reccos to come, as this intrepid guy runs around his terrace and works his way through the alphabet, sharing his miles and his music with us all 🙂

Thanks, as ever, my friend & #keeprunning #keepinspiring.

And, more than anything else #staysafe

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