Running FOMO in these Coronavirus times

Running FOMO in these Coronavirus times

Anyone else got running FOMO?

Here I am, sitting on my Delhi balcony, in pin drop silence – other than for the birds, who are delightfully noisy 😛

It is raining.

It is cool.

It is quiet.

It is fabulous and I keep thinking “It will be perfect to go run in the Biodiversity Park, once the rain stops“…and then I remember…nope…can’t.

Locked down.

And, like many of you, I’m having serious running FOMO.

For the physical running, obviously, but even more so for the outdoors, for the gorgeous feeling of heading out to run amongst trees, on a dirt track that’s a little slippery and muddy after the rain.

Living in such a polluted, noisy city like Delhi, my local park is an oasis.

Trees, wild flowers, peacocks, jackals, nilgai…those of you who follow me on Instagram will be familiar with my daily runs there.

Sometimes I run there twice a day.

It is my most favourite place in Delhi.

I’m managing to “run” during lockdown – on my treadmill, on my roof terrace, up and down the stairs – but the great outdoors it ain’t.


To answer all those memes and questions that are already circulating on social media, about the first thing you’ll do when lockdown is lifted.

I’m 100% clear.

I’ll head straight to ”my” park and revel in the outdoors 🙂

In the meantime, the treadmill it is 🙁

Stay safe everyone,

And stay home!!!

And remember – those parks and trails will still be there when we all emerge from lockdown.


  1. We are still able to go outdoors for daily exercise—was shorts running weather here yesterday! Was out for an hour, felt happy all along seeing all the daffodils and spring blooms in the village. Oops sorry Christine! x


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