What did you see on your run today? #397 stars…er…another living room!

Yesterday, as most of us here in India were indoors, following “People’s Curfew”, I shared the half marathon run by one of my running mates – inside his flat.

Gaurav was not the only one running round and round and round his home – meet my friend Mahendra Bisht, who ran for an hour inside his house.

But…his GPS didn’t work indoors, so we don’t know what distance he covered, but it certainly looks like a fun run.

I love his little son colliding with him & giggling away, and then how the rest of the family is watching the telly, totally unconcerned by this madman running past them 😛 😛 😛

Well done, my friend, and #keeprunning #keepinspiring and, in your case, #keepsmiling 🙂

Above all, stay safe!


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