What did you see on your run today? #396 stars…er…a living room!

For those of you who don’t know, India is on a day long “People’s Curfew” – a sort of voluntary lockdown, in the face of the Coronavirus.

I’ve blogged about the unbelievable silence here in Delhi in my other (non-running) blog “Delhi Diary.” Do please check it out!

Amongst my running friends and acquaintances here in the Delhi NCR region, I don’t know of a single person who has gone outside to run today – and on such a gorgeous Sunday, too!!! Everyone seems to have followed the request to stay indoors.

But that doesn’t mean my friends have been slobbing around.

No Sirree!

People have been exercising at home, running up and down the stairs (take a bow, Christine 😛 ) and then you have rockstars like Gaurav Pant, who coolly ran a zippy half marathon this morning.

Inside his flat!!

He tells us here about his half marathon:

I woke up at 4:45 am. the plan was to run a HM for sure. Got ready in my running gear, & since it was indoors I decided to run barefoot. Parents, wife and kids were asleep so kept the lights low in the house and locked their rooms. Started running from my Pooja Room towards the guest room crossing the living area and it was 5mts realised its too short so decided to take a loop of the living room and every time i crossed by. Plan was to run fast when i am in the living room and slow as i twisted and turned.

Ran 5km just thinking what am I doing, as the sun came out along with it chirping of birds – it was a lovely feeling. I opened my balcony doors allowing some fresh cold air to make it nice and breezy.

By then had completed 12kms.

What to do what not to do? It was getting boring and my mother was also sleeping (generally she is up early) so decided to take help of Alexa and enjoy some Bhajans (Gayatri mantra/Hanuman Chalisa etc…) it was a lovely feeling running with bhajans in the background. At 18th Km mark my mother was up. She was aware of my plan so asked how many Kms left

To my surprise after another 1km my daughter was also awake, and as she saw me running she was there to run with me for my last 2km.

Those kms were the best as she made me run fast with lot of enthusiasm and the target was achieved. Post run some stretching helped relax the homegrown muscles.”

How fabulous is this, people?!

I love the idea of Gaurav’s daughter joining him for a fast 2km round the house.

Here they are 🙂

Such fun!

Well done, Gaurav.

#keeprunning #keepinspring

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