Running in the time of Coronavirus

Actually, that title is a bit of a misnomer.

Because I’m still walking.

Not running.

My wretched torn meniscus is s-l-0-w-l-y healing, but it is definitely taking its own sweet time.

So to claim I’m running is a step too far.

Be that as it may, in these strange troubling times, I head out every day to walk at least 10k in my local park.

And every day, as I walk, I listen to the BBC news podcast.

And every day, it’s (almost) the same news.

Usually, in normal times, the news cycle rapidly moves on, but ever since this awful virus took hold, every day the news starts the same way & is dominated by the same topic – the virus.

But every day, it’s all a little grimmer and ever more frightening.

Since the Delhi government closed schools because of the virus, the streets are weirdly empty and quieter than usual. Traffic is less. (Hurrah!!)

So the feeling of going out to exercise in these weird times is, well, weird.

While I am slowly getting stronger (Hurrah Mark II), the world about me is closing in, as borders are shut, and people can’t travel, and who knows where this dreadful virus will strike next.

As things currently stand, I can’t leave India for a month, nor my children return, because our visas are no longer valid.

It’s like I’m getting stronger, but in a vacuum.

A vacuum of quieter, emptier streets.

Of the racing calendar emptying before our eyes.

Of life as we know it spinning out of control.

I know that I am more than lucky that I can still walk, and – inshallah – soon run.

I am more than lucky that Delhi is not in a lockdown situation, meaning that I can actually head out and exercise.

These 10kms a day walking in my local park are important way beyond fitness.

It is much needed calming down time.

Taking stock time.

Giving thanks time.

And hoping that, God forbid, things get worse here, I’ll be strong enough to cope…

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