What did you see on your run today? #393 comes from the deserted streets of Shanghai

There is absolutely nothing that is good about this awful virus sweeping the world.

Nothing at all.

But if we are looking for any possible glimmer of positivity, it might just be the empty streets around the world.

As most people stay home and avoid public places, streets in many cities across the globe are deserted, allowing those people who do venture out a rare sense of freedom, permitting them to see their city without the usual, inevitable scrum of people.

We haven’t got to that stage here in India (though a friend did visit the Red Fort on Sunday and said it was absolutely empty) but in China, where controls are enforced and obeyed (unlike India…) it is a different story.

My friend Melissa headed out to run in Shanghai, where she lives, and shared some photos of quiet streets.

Absolutely zero traffic.

Zero crowds.

We were in Shanghai this time last year, and so can testify to the fact that usually these streets are teeming with people.

Last year, we went (along with half the city, it seems!) went to see the gorgeous cherry blossoms in bloom in a central Shanghai park.

The park was packed.

Now it is empty. Totally empty. Like so:

No one is allowed to go into the park these days, so the few people who are out and about and running and exercising, can only admire the blossoms from the street.

So, to answer my own question “What did you see on your run today?”, the answer from Shanghai would seem to be…emptiness.

Quiet streets.

No people.

The reality of running in these virus-ed times…

Thanks Melissa for sharing these almost eerily quiet streets.

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