So, how was my February mileage?

Another month has already gone in 2020.

And we even had an extra day this February – indeed we are still having it, as I write 🙂

Despite a spectacular meltdown last week, when I messaged my physio in deep despair & doom & gloom & tears, if I’m being rational, there has definitely been progress in the wretched knee this month.

When I look back at how low I felt in January, I’ve certainly felt more up-beat this month.

And my mileage reflects that.

Up almost 100km, from 150 in January to – quick drumroll – 248 this month.

Note to self – why, oh why, couldn’t you have done 2 extra kilometres, woman, to get to a nice neat 250?! 😛

Most of these kilometres have been walked, not run (ran?) although in the past week, I have started interspersing very slow jogging into my walks.

Today, to celebrate Leap Day (& why not?!) I ran one whole kilometre without stopping, for the first time since November. A very very slow kilometre, but it felt like real progress.

Worst moment of the month? Seeing everyone else take part in last Sunday’s New Delhi marathon, while I watched on enviously.

Anyway, what’s done is done, so onwards & upwards.

Physio will continue in March.

Daily walks will continue in March.

And inshallah the percentage of running to walking will improve in March.

Watch this space 🙂

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