What did you see on your walk today? #390 comes from Bangkok & stars fruit

Even though I “ran” about 300m a day ago, I decided to be cautious this morning, & not run/jog at all.

So I only walked.

There’s no rushing recovery, I’m learning. (Torn meniscus in my left knee, since you ask).

I did an early morning 5km walk around the Bangkok neighbourhood where we are holidaying, and stopped by the local Buddhist temple which is home to a bustling food market, most mornings.

Despite wandering around in running gear, I was greeted with smiles everywhere, as I did that typical tourist thing & peered inquisitively at unknown fruit & veggies.

And pink eggs, of course, which always make me smile:

Saw a couple of unidentified foodstuffs this morning.

Like so:

And this fruit, below – anyone recognise it? In case you can’t see from the photo, it has a hairy outer skin.

All great fun.

Nothing like a pottering, slow walk in mild weather to cheer an injured runner up 🙂


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