How good is the ASICS Hybrid Jacket?

How good is the ASICS Hybrid Jacket?

Pre-review disclosure.

I am an ASICS running influencer in India (where I live) and as such get to try out and wear their products.

BUT – and this really is very important – ASICS has never once even so much as suggested I review their products.

Not once.

I am under no obligation or pressure whatsoever to write any review nor blog about the company.

But when I genuinely love a product, I review it here.

Which leads me straight away to the ASICS Hybrid Jacket.

I have worn mine all winter and absolutely love it.

For me, this lightweight, cosy jacket ticks all the boxes. Namely:

Zipped pockets, to keep stuff safe?




See? In our harsh Delhi winter, I was toasty warm, using the hood.

Reflective strip?


I’ve worn my jacket a lot – it’s been a particularly cold winter, so touches like the sleeves with thumb loops have been good.

Also, probably quite irrationally, I love sleeves with thumb loops.

The jacket show absolutely no signs of wear and tear, despite almost daily use these last few months. It is easy to move in, and feels flexible. I’ve worn mine to running group training sessions, involving bending & stretching, & it has worked perfectly.

Personally tried and tested, and 100% recommended.

I bought mine in India, where it costs Rs 6,999.

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