What did you see on your run today? #389 comes from Taipei & stars a rabbit

It was a tweet from my friend Nicci Smith apologising to a rabbit for almost falling over it, that caught my eye.

Well, it would do, wouldn’t it?

I pressed Nicci for more details.

Why on earth was she almost tripping over a rabbit on the streets of Taipei?

Turns out said bunny is a pet.

And as Nicci did her 5km run through the streets around her home, she nearly fell over the rabbit.

Who was on a leash.


As an aside, Nicci (who used to live here in Delhi) stopped running outside, & started running on a gym treadmill while here, to avoid the pollution and noise.

But as she says, “Now the coronavirus has come to Taiwan, I’ve decided as a precaution not to use gym equipment for a while, so I’ve started running outside again.”

But little did she know about the bunny hazard!

Thanks for sharing your running photo, Nicci & #keeprunning #keepinspiring

Also, stay safe with this dreadful virus worrying us all.

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