Walking back to running

After months of feeling mightily sorry for myself (a torn meniscus has that effect), I took an important psychological step back to running this weekend, when I rejoined my running group.

Ahem – let’s make one thing clear from the start:

They all ran.

I walked.

Some of the group ran quite considerable distances, in fact, but I was delighted just to be able to walk a steady, plodding 6km round Nehru Park.

Twinning with a rockstar runner

It felt good to chat, to hang out with other runners, and to be made to stretch – something I totally neglect, left to my own devices!

Running groups are interesting creatures, I find.

They are full of nice, like-minded people and yet, like anything else in life, change happens.

People come, people go, relationships shift.

In the weeks since I was away mountaineering/avoiding pollution/getting myself injured, my running group has changed out of all recognition.

Loads of new faces.

New trainers.

I only knew about 3 people there, which was weird after more than 2 years, but hey! change is good, right?

Whatever dynamics have been happening in my group, while I was moping and feeing miserable, it’s all for the good, I feel.

We drilled, we stretched, we ran (well, some of us walked…) and it was all very professional & crisp & no-nonsense.

I didn’t do stretches like this, with my gammy knee…not that I have EVER been this flexible!!
Sonali looking good
My new squad

So, onwards and upwards.

Here’s to the day I actually manage run with this crew!


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