What did you see on your walk today? # 388 comes from Delhi

I’m slowly recovering from injury – torn meniscus in my left knee – and am not yet running, but I am walking.

Hence the change in the title of this blog. (Did you notice?! Go on, admit it, bet you didn’t!)

So, yes, this afternoon I went for a slow, solo 5km walk in my local biodiversity park and just look what I saw.

The most relaxed nilgaI ever.

He was on the public path, and didn’t even raise his head when I stopped, as did the runner behind me, and then a couple walking & talking very animatedly who, judging from the loud “Oh my God”s that ensued, clearly hadn’t been looking around them either!

The 4 of us watched admiringly, then the other 3 continued on their way while the nilgai blithely ignored us all, much preferring to eat.

I stood and watched some more, ‘cos I never tire of seeing a wild animal. And to see a nilgai THIS close was a treat,

How close, do I hear you ask?

This close, dear reader.

This close 🙂

Too lovely.


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