An AMAZING dash to the starting line!

Said it before, saying it again.

Runners are THE best.

My friend Sneh Wadhwaney, who was our guest blogger on New Year’s Day, just ran her personal best in yesterday’s Tata Mumbai Marathon, clocking a smashing time of 2:08 in the half marathon.

Super congrats, my girl, and well done for balancing your various roles of mother, teacher, runner, triathlete.

But what moved me about Sneh’s Instagram post was that most of it was devoted to showering praise on another runner!

See what I mean about runners being THE best?! 🙂

Sneh shared the story of her friend Bindyuu Grover’s crazy pre-race shenanigans, and I can do no better by these intrepid women than by quoting Sneh verbatim. She wrote the post yesterday (by way of explaining the time sequence.)

Hold your hats – this is one seriously dramatic story a’coming up!

“For Bindyuu Grover what can I say? Her story is quite different from mine.

She flew in from Guangzhou China this morning at 4am after attending a 2 day conference which finished last evening. You can imagine the stress of wanting to reach the start line of the half marathon at 5.15am when your plane decides to take another circle while on top of Mumbai!

Can you even imagine her nerves?

She lands and sees a snaky line (an understatement) at immigration, escaping all that by requesting that people let her move ahead, she manages to get out only to find out that after screening, someone picked up her bag! So what does Bindu do?

It’s 4.55am.

Bindu chucks the bag given to her, and runs to the basement parking to the car waiting for her.

She reaches the shuttle bus service to that starting line at 5:18!

And finishes the half marathon!

Now if anyone wants inspiration on resilience, determination, grit, look no further.

When you set your mind to it, you can do anything!”

Ladies, take a bow!

Bindyuu for being seriously bad-ass and Sneh for being such a supportive friend.

These are the running stories that I just love.

Ladies, #keeprunning #keepinspiring


  • Sneh Wadhwaney

    Thank you Christine. An honoured to be featured here. You are a true runner to celebrate all these stories. Thank you again!

  • Bindyuu Grover

    Thank you Sneh and Christine
    Truly blessed to be a part of this runners world where folks celebrate for each other…
    This post reminds me of the quote that I read while running TMM2020
    “Forget the miles, Remeber the glory!”
    I am basking in the glory now!

  • Sanjeev Chhabra

    This beats every story of being last minute.
    What courage!
    Anyone else would have given up, and said, it’s just a race.

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