When you share your joy of running

One of the nicest people in the Delhi running community is Navi Singh, who has, incidentally, written a few guest posts for us here.

To wit:

Navi never hesitates to pick up the phone and give me a good talking to about my runnning form – usually of the “why don’t you train more consistently & stop faffing around?” variety 😛

Navi is a runner with a BIG heart who cares about his friends, and so when he posted on social media this account of running with his house help, I knew he wouldn’t mind my sharing it here.

It is also SO typical of the man.

This is such a feel-good post 🙂

“Ever since he joined our house as a help, Sandeep has been asking me to take him along for a run (almost 3+ months).
Most of the running over last 3-4 months has been on the road, thus I was not able to take him along because I did not know how much he would be able to run, and my run would be compromised because of him.
I promised him whenever I go to a park for a run he’ll be going along for sure.

I had a confirmed plan to run today, but even at 8am the aqi was 540+, thus I dropped out at the last moment.

When in the afternoon the aqi dropped drastically to 170, this turned out to be a perfect opportunity to take Sandeep for a run

Landed at Central park, and after a warmup, we started to run together

I was utterly shocked to see him matching pace to pace with me for full 5km non stop in 29mins

Then, after resting for 15 mins, he again joined me for another 2km, averaging the 7km @sub 5 pace.

So, so glad he got inspired and now wants to run and train with me on regular basis.

Never know where he lands up in the next 2-3 years.”

Shabash, my friend for your own fast run. For taking Sandeep along. And, I’m sure, mentoring him in the future.

We’ll need regular feedback as to how Sandeep is doing, you do realise that?



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  1. Thanx Christine Pemberton for the nice words , but I believe the Hero of the blog should be Sandeep , as he is the one inspite of no running training, who shocked me with a wonderful run at sub 6 pace(which is still enviable pace for a lot of people)

    I’m just a facilitator

    Actually I’ve done nothing,, just pushed him a little.

    Hoping, he surprises us more in the near future.

    Navi Singh

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