An injured runner moans – no, no – speaks

Don’t want to start 2020 on a glum note, but my late-2019-injury is actually getting worse, or so it would appear.

I tore the meniscus in my left knee at the end of November.

Cried a lot.

Consulted several specialists.

Cried a little less.

Withdrew from my 3 main winter races – a half marathon & 2 fulls.

Physio-ed away.

Exercised as instructed by the physio.

Started gentle walking.

The pain was definitely reducing.

And then, wham!

3 days ago the old knee started hurting big time.

So here I am, trying to be all upbeat & positive & New-Year-y-cheerful…and failing dismally.

My knee hurts.

Even walking is painful,

And I’ve discovered that I’m a lousy invalid.

Walking is no substitute for running, for someone like me, but it is a zillion times better than lolling on a sofa, with a cushion under my knee, “exercising” by flexing my ankles. All while reading Murukami’s “What I talk about when I talk about running”. Obviously.

(This talking to you is my own version of Murukami, by the way 😛 )

On a scale of injuries, a torn meniscus isn’t a big deal, I know, I know, and I feel bad for moaning, but I had such hopes and plans for this year.

So now it’s all about an even slower recovery than I’d hoped for, and recalibrating, and re-planning 2020.

Perhaps that climbing trip won’t happen, after all…

Perhaps that first ultra run won’t happen after all…

New Years are all about new beginnings.

Clearly, this year I’m going to have to put that into practice.


  1. Ay Christine,same thing for me many years(tears)ago.Eventually,i hd to gve up tennis(my love sport),tried tennis,swimming.will try yoga this year bt my knee did not get better bt i made sure it got stronger.i hve therapy.i do not want to go the way of knee replacement.get stronger!

    Mariasun Azcuna
  2. Really sorry to hear that it’s still not better. Please give it the rest (and physio) it needs. There’ll always be races. Make sure to make a full recovery before taking on those challenges. Love & hugs! ❤️

    Kathakoli Dasgupta
  3. So sorry for you ! Maybe a “visiting old friends marathon” in 2020 instead 😉 ? I know it does not replace the energy demanding running and climbing but at least it could soothe your mood. If you decide to visit Corrèze, you know we are there…

    Corinne Block Raguin
  4. So sorry for you Christine! Our bodies don’t heal as fast as we wish .. my elbow was dislocated in November , both tendons torn (luckily not completely through) and I’m also still suffering.

    Chantal Wanten

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