Reflections on 2019, before the year runs away from us

Feeble pun, I know, but hey! at least I tried.

2019 is almost over.

The nice sounding 2020 is just a few days away.

So taking stock of my running year isn’t a bad idea, as I sit in the waiting room at the physio.

And if that doesn’t give you a clue…

Being injured is a total pain, and I don’t mean literally.

The pain from my torn meniscus is manageable. It’s the enforced “being careful”, and restrictions, and proscriptions that are an absolute pain.

I was told at my last physio session that I m-i-g-h-t be able to start slow jogging in late January – a whole month away – which is obviously good news, but it does involve staying sensible & limiting my activities for another 4 weeks. That’s the tough part!

Injury aside, running-wise, 2019 has been good.

And not good.

Good because I ran the Mumbai Marathon, enjoyed it & won a medal.

Good because, 4 weeks later, I ran the New Delhi Marathon, enjoyed it & won a medal.

Good because I got a PB in a rain-soaked 5km race in early March, marking International Womens’ Day.

Good because I did lots of solo running, which I enjoy.

Not good because I tore my meniscus.

Not good because my running group imploded & everyone went their separate ways – hence all that solo running I just mentioned.

And however much of a solo runner one is, there are definitely times when group dynamics help and encourage.

It’s sad that the group splintered. It all fell apart while I was climbing in Nepal, so I’m still not too sure what happened – but that’s life.

Running group politics entered into things, I suspect, but I’m not dwelling too much on it. It’s history. The new year is almost upon us, so looking forward is my mantra. Onwards & upwards, and that kind of thing.

So yes, 2020?

What do I have on my running calendar?


I have cancelled my participation in both the Mumbai and Delhi marathons in Jan & Feb, for obvious injury-related reasons, and those 2 are usually my 2 big winter races.

So instead, I’ll concentrate on healing, and then I’ll start slow jogging, and take it from there.

I do have big plans for 2020, including running further and climbing higher, so let’s see how they pan out.

Yes, so there we are.

2109 almost over.

2020 on the horizon.

Big goals ahead, which I’ll share with you anon.

In the meantime, here’s wishing every lovely one of you a happy and peaceful New Year. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

And do, please, try and stay injury-free 😛

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